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Dimond Star Suppliers Inc.


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Diamond star suppliers inc. is a well-known global holding-group company. Our expertise imbues all aspects of the industry; from supplying medical equipments, industrial materials, high-tech medical equipments, and spare parts and material of the highest caliber.

Our trading company imports and exports services and products based on the demand of our clients; our main focus is to provide quality products and services to our diverse clientele.

Outstanding range of surgical and medical equipment


Through long-term business relations with first class producers and suppliers of medical equipments, medical instruments, and consumer materials, we not only service our customers as distributors, but also act as conduits to innovative solutions to medical professional and practitioners – ensuring better patient care.

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nutritional supplements section
Ultimate quality of ingredients to the highest of standards


We have a complete line of premium nutritional supplements brands that are supplied from Europe and North America. These nutritional supplements are developed with the latest scientific research and are sourced with the ultimate quality of ingredients to the highest of standards. We have a great variety of these products to assist and aid athlete professionals.

Some of the most trusted and world leading suppliers


Diamond Star supplies a broad range of industrial machinery, spare parts, and equipment. We provide a wide assortment of Professional & High Tech Machineries & Spare parts. In fact, heavy industrial machinery contributes to the economic prosperity of a region by supporting the industrialization process.

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Providing reliable and affordable products is our mission, as we search the globe to ensure both small and large companies of North America obtain the best competitive pricing.